About Freedom Systems

Freedom Systems is the first Managed Service Provider in Taiwan, which features customized information outsourcing services according to the development needs of the client company.

Redefine IT Management with us as your Strategic IT Partner


Empower Enterprise

Break away from purchasing thinking, provide a more flexible and diverse product and service portfolio, and create a comprehensive IT solution integration platform.


Improve with our Team

There are no restrictions on the qualifications, abilities or scope of work of team members, allowing each other to inspire and challenge, pursuing excellence, and demonstrating high growth momentum.


Co-create with Ecosystem

Professional services are the catalyst and binder between the market and enterprises, which allow to establish cooperative relationships and create mutual benefits.

Never-ending challenges in digitalization—
Enterprises need tradition-subverting IT innovation methodologies

Managed Service represents the future of the IT industry. As market products become more and more complex, enterprises look forward to a highly integrated single service platform to reduce operational risks of information infrastructure and unpredictable IT investment.

Eliminate the black hole of IT cost management

Subscription service makes resource acquisition and management more flexible

Cutting-edge professional technology

The third-party service team assists enterprises in promoting digital transformation

Improve information product life cycle

Painless landing of solutions achieved through professional Managed Service


Our Team

Service Consultant

Understand your information trouble at the first time and offer professional advice, providing clients with the latest ICT information and resources.

Our Team

Engineering Team

A comprehensive technical service team can help clients define and troubleshoot problems immediately and efficiently.

Our Team

Presales Consultant

Professional pre-sales consultant, through years of practical experience, effectively plan customized enterprise solutions.

Our Team

Customer Success Manager

 After becoming a long-term business partner, CSM will serve as a communication bridge between corporate clients and IT teams, assisting corporate growth.


Our Team Service Consultant



Our Team Engineering Team



Our Team Presales Consultant



Our Team Customer Success Manager


Our Service Locations

Freedom Systems Inc. - Taipei Head Office

Building H, 4F-1 No.3-2, Park St., Nangang Dist., Taipei City 115, Taiwan

MAIL: sales@freedom.net.tw

Kaohsiung Service Locations

Nanjing Huanghe Information Technology Co., Ltd.

L203, Building 2 West Side., #1 Renshan Rd., Jiangpu St., Pu Kou Dist., Nanjing City, People’s Republic of China

MAIL: sales@freedom.net.tw

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