Managed Security Service

From vulnerability detection to incident response, the integrated information security maintenance and operation service platform is the first choice for enterprises to rest assured.

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Information security challenges

Lack of information security experts to interpret warning signs

Lack of security experts to interpret logs/alerts

Professional services make threat response more immediate and effective, and risks can not only be seen and also be prevented.

time-consuming and labor-intensive

Management is time-consuming and labor-intensive

Release the information labor cost of the enterprise, and manage it by the information security team in one stop.

Lack of ability to integrate and apply information security tools

Difficulty integrating and applying security tools

 Familiar with the latest products and technologies in the market, break away from product functions, and see the synergy of services.

Information Security Solutions

The information security service team forms an outsourcing monitoring tower for enterprise information security, collects event reports and maintains the information environment, and performs rule adjustments and automatic settings based on risk interpretation and analysis to assist enterprises in dynamically optimizing information security management policies. 

Information security tool management and application

Incidents Response

Incidents Handling

Manager education training and consulting services

The SIEM tool and the SOC team work together to provide all-round information security outsourcing services

Provide new data source concatenation service

Data upload intermediary host health status maintenance

Specify alert rule adjustments and automated action settings 

Cloud application software service (SaaS) has become a necessary tool in the digital office era, and has gradually become one of the targets of attackers. Integrate security protection solutions, set up detection and warning principles for "abnormal access behaviors", and immediately warns and blocks abnormal behaviors; combine with data leakage prevention (MIP) to track file outflow footprints and ensure your cloud applications safety.

Agent monitoring for your Cloud Application Security (CASB) 

​Abnormal application behavior warning interpretation analysis and threat elimination

Abnormal illegal application notification

Assist in setting and maintaining existing information security principles 

In the overall assessment of enterprise information security, Identity authentication and access management is one of the keys. Hackers use social engineering attacks to steal credentials within organizations, implant malicious scripts, steal sensitive data, move laterally to accounts with higher privileges, and even launch encryption ransoms, which emerges endlessly.

Freedom System can integrate identity authentication and authorization to help enterprises establish a complete identity security management mechanism. For object behavior detection in Domain Controller, it can detect information security incidents, such as brute force cracking, remote code attacks, golden ticket attacks, etc. Through this service, enterprises can strengthen identity protection and conditional access management (AAD Identity Protection). When abnormal user behaviors are discovered or malicious programs are detected, the abnormal identity can be immediately verified and tracked down with the provision of regular threat elimination report.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) maintenance service

​Detect and manage user authentication access behavior 

​Warning interpretation analysis and threat elimination


Cloud-based AD incident response

​Abnormal user behavior warning and risk interpretation analysis 

​Set up regular mailing of user risk report letters 

​Stipulate user risk automated response rules (e.g., mandatory disable or MFA) 

In the overall assessment of enterprise information security, "endpoint security protection and device management" plays an important role. Have you ever imported EDR products but didn’t know how to deal with erupting alerts or where to track down the source to optimize management?

The Freedom Systems can integrate cloud information security tools to help enterprises establish a complete endpoint security management mechanism, actively detect host abnormal codes or execution programs for devices, and notify the system administrator immediately if there is any abnormality; and detect the host software version and operating system version, then compare them with the Microsoft vulnerability database before displaying suggested improvement methods.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) maintenance service

​Assist terminal/server Onboarding and Offboarding settings 

​Interpretation and analysis of managed terminal/server events and threat elimination 

​Information security and compliance suggestion report, interpretation and analysis of system vulnerabilities 

​Assist information security and compliance to suggest improvement plans, system update plans and implementation 

Regularly provide overall managed server monitoring reports and safety factor reports 

Leakage of sensitive data is the biggest enemy of many companies. Whether it is a data stealing by hackers, or employee negligence, it will cause huge losses.

The Freedom Systems can integrate cloud information security tools to help enterprises establish a complete data security management mechanism: Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) - conduct advanced management and monitoring for data itself and data identity access, file flow, access rights and access environment, thereby preventing sensitive data from being leaked maliciously, or immediately giving an alarm and taking rescue measures, and even tracking audit records when anomalies, such as external theft and tampering occur.

Microsoft Information Protection, Intune, Cloud App Security and Azure AD Premium integrated application protection

File source encryption - apply sensitivity labels to automatically classify and encrypt data

Microsoft 365 Audit Log can audit and track file access and shared footprints

Manage authorized mobile devices, limit the flow of data-sensitive data, and strengthen authority control

The remote complete device wipe function can immediately suspend and erase company data for high-suspect devices

Set up a detection and warning principle for "abnormal access behavior" to immediately alert and block abnormal behavior

Track file leaks 

Phishing links remain one of the largest information security vulnerability today. Based on the combination of secure cloud email service and information security tools, it actively intercepts high-risk phishing emails, reducing the risk of users to accidentally touch phishing links and attachments. Built-in Microsoft security link sandboxie scanning and AI anti-counterfeiting analysis technology can effectively reduce the risk of misclicking by the user.

Cloud mail advanced protection, away from phishing spam

Network traffic monitoring, filtering and analysis

Use behavior tracking and analysis, protection mechanism trigger design

Safe connections, safe attachments, and anti-phishing policy adjustments

Assist enterprises to analyze alerts and eliminate problems in an immediate, effective and systematic manner as soon as they detect information security incidents. Based on the team's technology and experience, it can reduce the cost for initial response errors and trial and error of enterprises, so that the information security solution is implemented in the enterprise and can really play a role.

Interpretation and analysis of security events, threat elimination

Event detection and definition, and emergency handling  

Third-party software incident integration and policy adjustment 


Defense the attack of hacker layer by layer

 XDR x SIEM x Managed Service — Freedom Systems customize medium and long-term information security plans according to the scale of enterprises and business needs, thereby effectively reducing information security risk costs and enhancing business competitiveness.

Strengthen the three aspects of enterprise information security according to the risk process

Protect all aspects of information security from the cyber attack process

Malicious attacks, such as phishing letters, ransomware, and DDoS are pervasive. How can enterprises comprehensively prevent information security vulnerability?

Freedom Systems can help the enterprise from three aspects: "data", "identity", and "device", plus the basic network and cloud operating information environment, to build a solid protection network.

Service Plans

Flat Rate Plan

The proactive managed service, through monthly or annual subscription plans, can flexibly obtain IT resources needed for business operations, and help enterprises manage the overall information environment. Customized integration planning and long-term partnership are available according to the needs of enterprises.

Based on customized tailor-made, flexible subscription services are provided by professional consultants according to customer needs

Non-product-oriented services can integrate supplier resources, and plan optimal configuration according to needs and budget

Cross-boundary technical maintenance team and customer strategy manager can assist in communication and troubleshooting


Flex Support Plan

The scope of cooperation is communicated between the consultant and the customer, and the two parties define the calculation method of points and prices for technical problems. During the service period, the customer must clarify the case demand for Freedom Systems, and the two parties discuss the amount of points required for the case, which will be executed after approval.

Save the time and labor cost of each communication and sign-off between the customer and the Freedom Systems

Simplify the procurement process without the necessity to divide the procurement into multiple projects, or define and explain the content of the projects separately

Proper planning and effective consumption of the annual budget>>了解更多

One-time Project

In the short-term cooperation mode of the task nature, when the enterprise has a clear and single project goal, but lacks internal experience in specific projects, or seeks more complex technical support, it can use the outsourcing team for immediate combat support.

Quickly achieve clear and simple project goals, usually the cooperation model is relatively simple and can meet urgent needs

Provide one-time project services on demand, and return it to enterprise management after the case is closed

Efficiently deal with problems in the professional field, reducing the risk and cost of trial and error>>了解更多

Phased deployment of information security protection



The Service Consultant confirms the needs and assists the customer to clarify the problem, and sets the follow-up plans.



Conduct a site survey by the Presales Consultant, check the company's current situation and resources, and formulate implementation.



According to the consensus of the implementation plan, the engineering team will import the solution and cooperate with the enterprise.



The Customer Success Manager provides timely and easy-to-understand plain explanations for the enterprise.


What’s the difference among MDR, MSSP and SOC?

MSSP is "Managed Security Service Provider", and SOC is "Security Operation Center". The two generally refer to a team or service composed of "people". Usually, MSSP is an outsourced manufacturer, and SOC is an internal monitoring team or an outsourced team. Many SOCs on the market now refer to platforms or software services (productization); "MDR" is "Information Security Monitoring and Response Managed Service", originally a service process including monitoring, detection, response, and a series of event processing. Now, most of the MDRs on the market are information security tools for service productization.

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