Managed Cloud Service

From public cloud, private cloud to hybrid cloud, it can assist enterprises in authorization, evaluation, planning, import, and hosting in one stop, helping enterprises to transform painlessly.

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Challenges for enterprises to migrate to the cloud

High barriers to cloud knowledge and technology

High barriers to cloud knowledge and technology

Organizational IT staff lacks the resources and experience to evaluate and manage cloud or hybrid cloud environments

High cloud trial and error costs and information security risk

The cloud cost structure is different, which may cause losses due to migration failure and lack of information security protection

Cloud follow-up maintenance and operation management

 MIS has a heavy daily workload, and may not have time to take care of the management status or be familiar with all product knowledge in the cloud

Managed Cloud Service

According to enterprises’ scenarios, provide the most accurate license planning and user training, effectively reduce the enterprise's software authorization costs, and greatly improve the use efficiency and application level.

Azure/Microsoft 365 authorization planning 

​Customized application planning 

​Administrator/user education and training planning 

According to the use requirements of the enterprise cloud platform, whether it is public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud/multi-cloud architecture or hybrid mode, it helps you save management costs, plan usage scenarios that suit the enterprise, expand performance, and accelerate innovation 

User permission settings

Cloud platform folder permission settings

Customized application construction

Assist enterprises to transfer mail services, plan the most suitable mail service plan according to enterprise information environment, personnel use and information security needs, and help enterprises avoid potential information costs caused by import failures, inappropriate plans, and insufficient information security protection levels.

Mail service transfer/letter transfer

Mail sending and receiving function maintenance, mail policy management

Mail rule settings

Adjustments to advanced threat protection 

In view of the limitations of IT personnel and the complexity of information issues, Freedom Systems assist enterprises in managing the basic environment of the cloud platform through maintenance and operation services, allowing IT personnel to focus on the core applications of the enterprise and improve management efficiency.

Cloud platform background management, authorization management

User permission settings

Cloud help desk, technical support

Management policy consulting and suggestion 

Cloud antivirus application management and troubleshooting

Provide the best backup and spare architecture configuration according to the status of the customer's industry and business process. Define the most suitable RTO or RPO and data backup method, and match it with an appropriate network architecture, which is cost-effective and can avoid business damage caused by downtime and data loss.

Cloud data backup planning

Backup & restore testing / Disaster recovery planning

Veeam Managed Backup Service

Smart cloud added value-ubiquitous productivity

Smart cloud added value-ubiquitous productivity

Are you still using non-enterprise-level communication software to send messages and transfer files? It's time to check out Microsoft 365- the next generation cloud collaboration platform.

The cloud managed service matched with the Freedom Systems and information security protection service can take your cloud management efficiency and security to a higher level.

In addition, we also provide digital transformation consulting services, assist enterprise scenarios to customize the introduction of SaaS, and provide education and training.

With triple-effect value addition of elasticity, controllability and security

With triple-effect value addition of elasticity, controllability and security

  • Public, private and hybrid cloud suitability assessment 
    Freedom Systems will implement cloud based on the consideration of your workload requirements, and will also help you control the cost of expenditure.
  • Website, application development and deployment integration 
    Freedom Systems provide vendor-neutral cloud services to assist in the effective deployment and integration of environment required for website, application and other development. 
Protect the security of the cloud environment We are good at it—

Protect the cloud environment
We are good at it——

The next step in enterprise cloudification is to implement supervision and strengthen information security.

Whether it is establishing a secure cloud platform architecture and network supervision from the bottom, or the identity security of users accessing the enterprise cloud, and the control methods for data circulation in the cloud and cross-device work, we can discuss common scenarios and corresponding information security design with enterprises. 

Service Plans

Flat Rate Plan

The proactive managed service, through monthly or annual subscription plans, can flexibly obtain IT resources needed for business operations, and help enterprises manage the overall information environment. Customized integration planning and long-term partnership are available according to the needs of enterprises.

Based on customized tailor-made, flexible subscription services are provided by professional consultants according to customer needs

Non-product-oriented services can integrate supplier resources, and plan optimal configuration according to needs and budget

Cross-boundary technical maintenance team and customer strategy manager can assist in communication and troubleshooting


Flex Support Plan

The scope of cooperation is communicated between the consultant and the customer, and the two parties define the calculation method of points and prices for technical problems. During the service period, the customer must clarify the case demand for Freedom Systems, and the two parties discuss the amount of points required for the case, which will be executed after approval.

Save the time and labor cost of each communication and sign-off between the customer and the Freedom Systems

Simplify the procurement process without the necessity to divide the procurement into multiple projects, or define and explain the content of the projects separately

Proper planning and effective consumption of the annual budget>>了解更多

One-time Project

In the short-term cooperation mode of the task nature, when the enterprise has a clear and single project goal, but lacks internal experience in specific projects, or seeks more complex technical support, it can use the outsourcing team for immediate combat support.

Quickly achieve clear and simple project goals, usually the cooperation model is relatively simple and can meet urgent needs

Provide one-time project services on demand, and return it to enterprise management after the case is closed

Efficiently deal with problems in the professional field, reducing the risk and cost of trial and error>>了解更多

Phased deployment of cloud service



The Service Consultant confirms the needs and assists the customer to clarify the problem, and sets the follow-up plans.



Conduct a site survey by the Presales Consultant, check the company's current situation and resources, and formulate implementation.



According to the consensus of the implementation plan, the engineering team will import the solution and cooperate with the enterprise.



The Customer Success Manager provides timely and easy-to-understand plain explanations for the enterprise.


What is cloud service?

The application of cloud technology is extremely extensive. The so-called cloud service is a general term for network services that combine the needs of "cloud storage", "cloud computing", Internet and business operations.

With cloud services, enterprises access remote servers set up by cloud platform operators through network connections, and directly obtain resources, such as storage space, operating environment, and software applications, and then adopt more diverse and advanced service applications, such as virtual machine, containerized microservice, hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), AI and machine learning (ML), IoT smart applications, etc.

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