Network Planning and Deployment

The network has become an essential infrastructure for enterprises. With the growing demand for hybrid modes, remote work, and e-conferencing, organizations require a network that offers both stability and security.

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Network construction and management service



Assess the enterprise size, network equipment and systems, and build appropriate firewalls and function subscriptions to strengthen enterprise network security.

Network Segmentation

Network Segmentation

Enhance security and management efficiency according to the number of departmental equipment, location of use, security control, confidentiality, and wireless mobility.

Network Redundancy

Network Redundancy

Assist enterprises in planning network spare architecture based on network architecture to prevent network service interruption due to single point failure.

SSL VPN and Site to Site VPN

SSL VPN and Site to Site VPN

Set up a secure encrypted connection channel (Site to Site VPN) to facilitate instant access to internal resources of the enterprise while ensuring the confidentiality, authentication and integrity of data transmission.

Cross-border Connection Routing

Cross-border Connection Routing

Connect the internal networks of enterprises in series to improve the quality and security of cross-network communication, create an interconnected network with the enterprise-level scale and communication capabilities.

Wireless Network

Wireless Network

In response to BYOD and cross-device office trends, create an enterprise wireless network office environment, improve the overall production efficiency of the enterprise, and meet the requirements of WFA and boundless meeting.

Network Replication Service advantage

Service-oriented partnership

It is different from traditional system integrators who bind and sell products/services for profit. The Freedom Systems take service as the core, establish a long-term cooperative relationship with customers, and integrate the resources required by each stage of the enterprise to reduce unnecessary expenses.

one stop shopping
No risk of handover

At the completion of the project construction, it can continue to enter the long-term maintenance and management mode to reduce the impact of information gaps caused by internal personnel taking over or manufacturer switching to the operation of enterprises.

be resistant with security Know-How

 With the technical capabilities of both underlying architecture and information security, it assists enterprises in the comprehensive deployment of functionality and security in the early planning, reducing system conflicts faced by future re-deployment.

Phased deployment of network planning



The Service Consultant confirms the needs and assists the customer to clarify the problem, and sets the follow-up plans.



Conduct a site survey by the Presales Consultant, check the company's current situation and resources, and formulate implementation.



According to the consensus of the implementation plan, the engineering team will import the solution and cooperate with the enterprise.



The Customer Success Manager provides timely and easy-to-understand plain explanations for the enterprise.

Service Plans

Flat Rate Plan

The proactive managed service, through monthly or annual subscription plans, can flexibly obtain IT resources needed for business operations, and help enterprises manage the overall information environment. Customized integration planning and long-term partnership are available according to the needs of enterprises.

Based on customized tailor-made, flexible subscription services are provided by professional consultants according to customer needs

Non-product-oriented services can integrate supplier resources, and plan optimal configuration according to needs and budget

Cross-boundary technical maintenance team and customer strategy manager can assist in communication and troubleshooting


Flex Support Plan

The scope of cooperation is communicated between the consultant and the customer, and the two parties define the calculation method of points and prices for technical problems. During the service period, the customer must clarify the case demand for Freedom Systems, and the two parties discuss the amount of points required for the case, which will be executed after approval.

Save the time and labor cost of each communication and sign-off between the customer and the Freedom Systems

Simplify the procurement process without the necessity to divide the procurement into multiple projects, or define and explain the content of the projects separately

Proper planning and effective consumption of the annual budget>>了解更多

One-time Project

In the short-term cooperation mode of the task nature, when the enterprise has a clear and single project goal, but lacks internal experience in specific projects, or seeks more complex technical support, it can use the outsourcing team for immediate combat support.

Quickly achieve clear and simple project goals, usually the cooperation model is relatively simple and can meet urgent needs

Provide one-time project services on demand, and return it to enterprise management after the case is closed

Efficiently deal with problems in the professional field, reducing the risk and cost of trial and error>>了解更多


What are the common network disconnection problems?

1. Human factors

  • Large percent of bandwidth is occupied:

If colleagues in the company use P2P software, such as BT to download or upload files, the bandwidth will be tight, and the network speed will naturally slow down.

  • Proper QoS bandwidth management is not set up:

Enterprises fail to assess the importance of each application program in advance and set up appropriate QoS bandwidth management according to the importance level, which causes all programs to compete for bandwidth separately, and the transmission of important information is affected.

2. Hardware factors

  • Old and faulty network equipment:

As long as it is an electronic product, there is a possibility of failure and downtime. When the network starts to slow down or disconnect, you should first confirm whether there is a problem with the ATU-R provided by the ISP, and then check each self-owned device to find out the source of disconnection.

  • Abnormal line (too long, wrong wiring):

There are too many devices and endpoints, and connection errors may occur more or less during the process of connecting lines. In addition, the network cable connecting devices should not be too long. If it exceeds 100 meters, problems, such as network slowdown and unstable signal will occur.

3. Software factors

  • Computer virus:

Some computer viruses will consume the resources of connected devices, while others consume network bandwidth. When a virus infects a computer, it usually spreads itself through emails at a rate of hundreds of emails per minute, occupying most of the computing power and network bandwidth, and the network speed will naturally slow down.

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